Viridi is a derivative of ours that specializes in producing composite wood substitutes replacing tropical wood as a sustainable and strong material for outdoor weather. The material is made from reclaimed timber, UV stabilizers, anti-mold agents, colors, cupling, bonding agents, and recycled plastic (HDPE) which makes it durable and termite resistant. Composite wood can provide strength and beauty that resembles real wood with the durability, tensile strength, and advantages of polymers.

The latest composite wood technology that looks and feels like natural wood is also textured to provide an anti-slip rating and is weather resistant, termite resistant, anti deforming, and will retain its color. Our Smart Composite Timber is a durable material with many included benefits that can last up to more than 10 years resulting in less maintenance costs over time while keeping the signature design of real wood.

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VALLUM is the leading aluminium solution focusing on roofing, cladding and framing in buildings. We are supported by Asia’s leading building materials companies based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Throughout the years, Vallum has experiences in commercial, governmental, residential, and also other big scale projects such as Shenzhen Baoan International Airport, China, Yangon International Airport, Myanmar, Green Bay Pluit Apartment and Summarecon Mall Bekasi, Indonesia.

We develop systems to utilize aluminium products to be high performance yet low maintenance and assure its best potential in structure and finishing.

We offer a full consultation service to support Architects, Developers, and Engineers to create the effective solution in design and facades. We also provide our products for your projects including technical support for drawing, installation, and maintenance. 

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Since 2016, dr. Bocor has been an applicator in the field of waterproofing and adhesive with consistency to continue to develop methods with high standards. dr. Bocor innovates sealant technology with extensive knowledge on high quality materials needed in repairing leaks and the well-documented procedures that ensures structural integrity in multiple types of structures such as pools, walls, restrooms, and more. dr. Bocor offers a variety of solutions  and services for waterproofing and adhesive problems for all problems with high quality products according to your needs.

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